Steve Schepman, President of WTNSteve Schepman, President

As a négociant (wine trader), we meet with top growers and producers to source and produce wines with exceptional quality for the price.  We strive to produce wines which exhibit the best qualities of each varietal. We don't own vineyards or a winery so, we can focus on sourcing opportunistically to obtain the best wine at the best price.

We develop wine brands through B2B and DTC channels. Our brands include Hamilton Estates, Quillia, Geerlings & Wade, Mira Luna, San Valencia, Dream Catcher, Mottington and Black Shadow. In our B2B channel we sell through distributors, brokers and marketing agents such as

Wine Trade Network traces its origins back to 1986 when Geerlings & Wade was founded as an East Coast wine négociant  in the French model. Our philosophy remains the same - to produce quality wines at good prices while establishing and maintaining a personal and lasting relationship with our clients to whom we provide unparalleled service and quality.